Providing Flexible Solutions Globally

Polyhose manufactures the industry’s widest range of fluid conveyance systems, including hydraulic hose, thermoplastic hose, PTFE hose, industrial hose, and accessories—efficiently serving U.S. distributors and OEM customers and consistently meeting global hose standards.

Steady Expansion Across North America And Beyond

Whatever your current pain points—whether productivity issues, specification challenges, or safety concerns—Polyhose is able to help. Our new 52,000-square-foot North Carolina facility is fully stocked, with 175,000 square feet of bonus space available for expansion. Our products are ready to ship immediately—we’ve got the shortest lead time and widest product range in the industry.

Polyhose Performs

Market Innovation

Niche markets are where we excel—and we’re just getting started.

Our products shape the work of life science, aerospace, construction, automotive, medical, and more. Some of the biggest brands in the world today drive, fly, and run heavy machinery thanks to Polyhose.

Custom Engineering

There’s no hose we can’t manufacture or supply.

We sit with engineers, learn your product needs, and flex to make it happen. Polyhose is a diverse, one-stop shop for distributors everywhere, crafting high-performance hoses to meet any industry demands.

Zero Wait

U.S.-based. U.S.-shipped. All we need is your address.

Shortest lead time—that’s our superpower. We deliver on our promise of in-stock, ready-to-ship product availability. It’s all in our huge new NC warehouse—ready to go.

Polyhose U.S. Leadership

Mohammed Millwala and Fatema Shabbir bring years of industry experience to the table. With career histories in product design, engineering, and business operations, plus extensive understanding of customers’ fluid conveyance needs, each of them has poured into the expansion of Polyhose, Inc., to propel the company forward dramatically within the U.S. market.

Twisterflex High Density Polyethylene

Twisterflex products protect hydraulic and pneumatic hoses against abrasion, shock, and general deterioration of the hose cover. This unique, versatile, cost-effective material increases the longevity of the hose, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing equipment downtime.


Exitflex high-quality flexible hoses are perfect for high- or low-pressure use in paint spray applications. Specialized tungsten carbide nozzles are also available, as well as innovative paint application methods.


Our standard of excellence has been recognized by our global partnerships and demonstrated by our steady investment in state-of-the-art equipment, infrastructure, R&D, and customer service. We take extreme pride in our performance—delivering custom-engineered product design and consistently reliable workmanship 100% of the time, with a company-wide understanding that failure is never an option.


Our team is ready to help you succeed—solving industry problems and custom-engineering products with our experience and certified, trusted processes. There’s no hose we can’t manufacture or supply—contact us today to see how Polyhose performs.

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From North Carolina to California and everything in between—Polyhose performs coast to coast with high-quality fluid conveyance products. From PTFE to Exitflex Paint Spray products, we engineer products that will help you succeed. Connect with Polyhose today to learn more.

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From all of us at Polyhose—Happy Independence Day! Enjoy this weekend’s celebrations with friends and family! ...


Control crimper specs and setup for the Polyhose Krimpmatic crimper through our new app, connected via Bluetooth. Polyhose performs with high technology standards—making the job easier with features like these.

Learn more—connect with Polyhose today!

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Hydraulic hose, thermoplastic hose, PTFE hose, industrial hose, and accessories—all ready to ship, right now. We deliver on our promise of in-stock product availability—so if you’re ready to order, we’re ready to ship.

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Certified. Approved. Trusted.

ISO 9001: 2015 (NC Facility)

 ATF 16949: 2016

 ISO 14001: 2015

 AS9100D (NC Facility)

 NADCAP AC7112/1, AC7112/2, AC7112/4



 DNV Type Approval and MED B – Marine

 DNV Certification for PED

DGMS Approved for Underground Mining

 ISI Trademark

ICAT-Approved for CNG & LPG Hose